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Click the Facebook icon if you would like to request group membership and meet some new friends with like minded interests.

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1 - Please be polite and courteous, we're all adults and manners cost nothing

2 - No spamming, porn, sales, MLM - this will result in you being muted or removed from the group. Repeat offenders will find themselves removed and blocked. 

3 - Anyone wishing to advertise their groups please seek permission first. We will leave the share active for a week but generally remove these to keep the forum clutter free.

4 - No advertising of events or live streams are permitted. Any found on the main board will be deleted without warning.

5 - If you require assistance please contact us via PM or contact an Admin if you need to report an issue.

6 - Do not block admins, you'll be removed & blocked from the group.

7 - No drama llamas, this isn't a zoo.

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